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Googie burger lol (at SkyView Atlanta)
In my eyes I ride for the victim
Smoking with @nodoubt blasting @mayapettiford  thinking bout ya wish ud say something taking frm da top #tale of the take lol any way in mechanicsville chillin new life people neva change but me…haha theres a million other gurls that do it just like u @dreamscometrue…. not one of mine involves u sorry. ..#miserybussiness (at precipice)
The view ….stupid
Everything I want is nothing it really is… (at pennical of it all)

Dedicated to my love @mayapettiford ur amazing (at LALA LAND ♥♥♥)

S/O TO @thelifeofyoungroyalty  I fuck with his page @thelifeofyoungroyalty nigga too real (at Atlanta, GA)
Me and @whipit2x aka ash♥♥♥  you a ★ be a ★ fave @lennoxsquare
Okayy…I had a momemt…… (at Southern Pines Apt)
No matter what ull never take that frm me…its #amazing (at The Mall @ Peachtree Center)